Covid-19 Vaccinations

Covid-19 Vaccination Information

July 2021 Update:

We would like to 'Thank You' all for your patience throughout the pandemic.

We have worked hard to provide you all with open access telephone consultations where we are able to address your concerns, whilst then having seen everyone who needs to be seen face to face, and treated as many people using telemedicine as we can.

We responded to over 98% of patients the same day as they phoned and dealt with 60% of patients without the need for them to come to the surgery.

This has meant non-crowded waiting rooms and easy parking. We get back to you as quickly as we can.

The Government has announced that mask wearing and social distancing requirements by law will be removed from the 19th of July. This is despite rising case numbers, admissions and deaths.

We would like to remain cautious about the prospect of full waiting rooms and in the face of these rising numbers we have a duty of care to our more vulnerable patients and our staff.

We do understand that some of you prefer the old open access surgeries that we used to run pre-pandemic, but many people have made it very clear that they prefer our new way of working.

We have made a decision that we will not be returning to open access face-to-face surgeries in the short-term, until the situation becomes clearer regarding Covid, the effectiveness of the huge vaccination effort, and other respiratory viruses.

We, therefore, will continue to work using the phone first system. We do see many people every day but we try to manage the waiting room to ensure that our more vulnerable patients are not put at risk.

Please could you all continue to phone first.

Why not try the e-consult service on our website?

We will of course continue to review the data.

Please note that, given the nature of our work, should you need to come into the health centre we will require all patients to wear a mask. This is regardless of national rules etc.

We thank you again for your continued support and please be assured that we are striving to provide you with the safest and most effective healthcare.


Please do not come into the surgery unless you have been given an appointment. 

If you have a query, please telephone us in the first instance.  

We are receiving an increasing amount of phone calls to our Emergency line - may we politely ask that you do not use this option unless you have an emergency. 

Thank you.

Please click on the link below for more information regarding your Covid-19 vaccination status:



 A cause currently close to our hearts is The Teenage Cancer Trust.  Please click on the link below for more information.

If you are asymptomatic you can use this link to collect lateral flow test kits (free of charge)!! Please use the NHS Test and Trace Site Finder map to locate participating pharmacies in your area:

 Your GP surgery is unable offer you a certification of Covid vaccination, a vaccination passport or a letter to prove you have been vaccinated against Covid- 19.  

You can, however find details of all your vaccinations on the NHS App :

Please click on the link below to take you to information regarding COVID-19 vaccination and blood clotting: 

  Covid-19 rapid testing is now available for those who need to leave their home. Keep Suffolk safe. Click on this link 

If you are asymptomatic you can use this link to collect lateral flow test kits (free of charge)!! Please use the NHS Test and Trace Site Finder map to locate participating pharmacies in your area:


Vaccine Figures Update - Bildeston Health Centre

1st Vaccines Given

Care Home patients


80 +






CEV ( shielding patients)




16-64 underlying health conditions








Housebound patients


 Total Vaccine   2001 Astra Zeneca   1994 Pfizer


   Covid-19 Appointments Guidance when attending for your Vaccination:

Have you had a positive Covid test in the last 28 days?

Are you presently unwell, on antibiotics and do you have a fever?

Have you had a Vaccination in the last 7 days?

Have you ever had an Anaphlyactic reaction?

On the day of your vaccination:

If you feel unwell, please do not attend.

 If possible please get a lift.  If you are driving yourself, you will be asked to stay in your vehicle for a while after the vaccination before you leave.

Please click on the link below for the latest guidance regarding receiving the Covid vaccination whilst pregnant/breast feeding. 

The Suffolk and North East Essex ICS has today launched a brand-new website which aims to offer residents a single, comprehensive and accurate source of information about Covid-19 and vaccinations.

Visit the website here -

The new website will be updated regularly and contain the very latest information on the ongoing vaccination programme in order to give people clarity on this major situation including:

  • Most up-to-date information on who is eligible to receive the vaccine
  • Latest details of locations of vaccination centres
  • Updates on progress of the local vaccination programme
  • Accurate information on efficacy and safety of the vaccines
  • A Q&A section covering the most commonly asked questions
  • Interviews with people who have received the vaccine and staff who are delivering the programme

Simon Morgan, Communications Lead for ICS, said: “We are determined to give local people as much information about the covid vaccination as we possibly can, in one place.  I hope it will be a useful resource for local people and those communities we serve.  It will be constantly reviewed and kept up to date with videos, information about the roll out of the vaccination and a detailed set of frequently asked questions.  We will add to our videos with virtual tours of the vaccination sites so local people can see what to expect when they are invited to receive their vaccination.”

Please click on the link below regarding "Your Covid Recovery"



Please click on the link below to watch a walk-through video of how the Coronarvirus vaccination will take place at Hadleigh Health Centre this coming Friday and Saturday: 


We thought our patients would like to know how well our practice is doing with our Covid First Vaccinations. Everyone has worked incredibly hard here booking appointments, working in the hubs and going out to our housebound patients.

We sincerely thank our colleagues at Hadleigh and East Bergholt for all their hard work setting up their sites and making our patients so welcome.

Over 80 - 90% Vaccinated

75-79 - 95% Vaccinated

70 - 74 - 91% Vaccinated

Clinically Extremely Vulnerable 90% Vaccinated