Research Ready

Bildeston Health Centre is an active participant in General Practice research. We are keen to be a part of new ideas and treatments. Of course one cannot just blindly research things so we are part of the Royal colleges research ready group of practices.

Research Ready® is a quality assurance programme for all research-active UK GP practices. It is designed in line with the UK Research Governance Framework’s legal, ethical, professional, and patient safety requirements. The programme serves to provide information, support and guidance to accredited practices in research; both to assist with meeting the requirements above, and with considering and conducting research.

Dr Hainsworth is the lead in this and he has been Accredited to do so.


If you are invited to take part in research it is of course entirely your choice. Please be reassured that your data is used only in such a way that advances knowledge and is entirely within the guidance for GDPR. You will be briefed about this at any interview you partake in and all information is only passed on in an anonymised way and only when necessary. We will always gain your consent before releasing any information needed for this purpose if needed in an identifiable format